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2010-05-18, 8:42 PM
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Ever notice the first thing they do is label you upset or uninhged whenever someone points out an injustice by one of theirs? By matts logic every politician lies so why even bother to have them take oaths to be honest office holders?They all lie so it's ok if they never tell us the truth.Hell why even ask them questions.It seems a waste of breath of we all expect them to lie anyhow. Come on, every president had their dirty deeds guy,so from now on we can expect future presidents to have hit squads(does matt think it will get better rather than worse than what we have now?)..lets just dismantle any legal system when it comes to the president and his men this is nothing new IN RUSSIA putin could give bush some tips on how to do it up right. By the way, it seems to me Clinton was not in office when Berger got into trouble.We have an acting political advisor to a sitting president caught in yet another dirty act to compare the two is pretty weak..rove is not a fixer he is a destroyer and a criminal matt seems confused about the difference.Hmmm the moral party seems a bit morally challenged..which was exactly the point I made above(Thanks matt) As far as dems lacking the spine to stop the war.The dems are not lacking in spine they are lacking in votes.WHY you ask are they lacking?They are lacking the votes because the GOP lacks the spine to carry out the will of the American people and stand up to some in their own party to fix the mess THEY made I know it is a mad idea , that they grow up and take control of the mess they left with no oversight for the past several years Even Nixon era reps cared enough about their party and their country to stand up to Nixon..Please don't mistake upset and logical I have a very low BS tolerance level.

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